Our senior team has advised on many noteworthy technology and aerospace/defense deals over the last ten years.

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“I can say without hyperbole that having KippsDeSanto on our team was the difference between success and failure. KippsDeSanto played a critical role educating us on the M&A process, representing OnPoint to the buyer, and negotiating the most favorable terms for our transaction. Kevin DeSanto provided expert advice and guidance throughout the process, while Jon Yim led our engagement on a daily (and hourly) basis with his responsiveness at all hours of the day and night, professionalism, and innovative thinking. Recognizing that we still had our day jobs running OnPoint, KippsDeSanto analysts Penn Daniel and Matt Brown kept us on task and moving forward throughout the due diligence phase. It was clear from Day 1 that the KippsDeSanto team was committed to our successful exit. My only regret was not engaging KippsDeSanto earlier in the process!”

– Shankar Pillai, President, OnPoint Consulting, Inc.

“We selected KippsDeSanto due to their industry expertise and high level of familiarity with Tactical Micro’s customers and end markets.  We were pleased with their performance and the outcome of the transaction.  Karl and his team were diligent, responsive, and professional throughout the engagement.  They executed a disciplined process that surfaced unexpected buyers and maximized value.  They provided valued advice and helped navigate challenging issues, ultimately resulting in a successful transaction.”

– Leslie Armitage, Senior Managing Director, Relativity Capital

“KippsDeSanto’s deep experience and knowledge of the Federal IT and Health services markets, as well as ESOPs, were evident in every step of the process.  The KippsDeSanto team consistently demonstrated a clear understanding of ASM’s unique positioning within the market and leveraged our key competitive differentiators to our advantage.  As an employee-owned company, it was critical that we not only maximize shareholder value, but also choose an investment banking partner that could orchestrate a flawless and confidential transaction process.  Whether it was dealing with pre-emptive interest we received, creating marketing materials, or reviewing prospective bids, KippsDeSanto ensured that we were prepared at each critical decision point we faced.  We are extremely proud of the company and culture our employees have built over the years and we are extremely grateful to have had KippsDeSanto by our side throughout the sale process, as they fully appreciated our uniqueness and became an extension of our team.”

– Jeri Lassiter, CEO, ASM Research, Inc.

“Having gone through the sale of our company, we have no idea how anyone would undertake such an effort without hiring an investment bank of KippsDeSanto’s caliber.  From day one, KippsDeSanto served as an extension of our team, understanding the intricacies of our business and developing strong relationships with our entire leadership team.  This knowledge and hands on approach, combined with their expertise in managing a demanding sales process, took a huge burden off of our team and allowed us to continue to focus on the day-to-day operations.  Without the KippsDeSanto team, the sale of our company would not have gone as smoothly or as well as it did.”

– Baly Ambegaoker, President and CEO, IDL Solutions, Inc. 

“While we were extremely confident in our initial decision to work with KippsDeSanto, our conviction in that decision has only been fortified when we look back on all the services they provided within a very aggressive time frame.  Throughout the process, we were universally impressed by KippsDeSanto’s in-depth knowledge of Guident’s services, customers, and position within the market.  The KippsDeSanto team leveraged this knowledge to give us a deep understanding of each stage and critical decision points within the process.  We could not have been happier with the job that KippsDeSanto performed and are extremely pleased they were a critical part of one of the most important decisions of our careers.”

– Dan Ackerman, Executive Vice President, Guident Technologies, Inc.

“I couldn’t make a stronger recommendation. The KippsDeSanto team was impressive throughout the entire sale process. They managed us through the strategies, processes, challenges, and negotiations with style and substance. Their commitment to success was reflected in their willingness to work all day, every day, and with the same passion we drive ourselves. Through it all, we’ve built mutual respect, a sound business relationship, and personal friendship.  Our decision to engage them has contributed significant value to our lives.”

– Gil Delgado, President & CEO, Emergint Technologies, Inc.

“When choosing a banker, we wanted a firm that truly understood our business, the industry, and potential buyers. We also wanted a partner that would aggressively advocate our interests in a professional manner.  KippsDeSanto continued to impress us in every area throughout the entire acquisition process. The KippsDeSanto team really helped us navigate the complex sale process as a genuine and committed trusted advisor. They always made us the priority and drove the process forward towards conclusion.  As a result, we achieved a highly successful deal with a partner that is an excellent business and cultural fit.”

– Alexander Ray, Co-Owner and General Counsel, Ray Group International, LLC

“With over 20 years in the venture business, we’ve seen and worked with many investment bankers. However, I can’t recall a time where I’ve been so universally impressed with every facet of how the engagement was handled. We knew exactly where we were with each potential buyer at every step of the process. The acid test with industry contacts and perspective was that KippsDeSanto sniffed out potential buyers we would not have found on our own. Once into the serious bidding process, KippsDeSanto’s specific understanding of what certain buyers would and would not accept was critical.”

Gerry Langeler, Chairman, Max-Viz, Inc.

“From start to finish, KippsDeSanto was there every step of the way – from crafting the story that captured our strengths and market position, preparing detailed company materials, approaching the right buyers, analyzing alternatives, and negotiating the transaction. Their entire team showed professionalism, market and deal expertise, and enduring commitment to Catapult and to creating a successful transaction.  Selling a business is a huge, and very personal decision, but having the KippsDeSanto team behind me, I am confident that I partnered with the best suited buyer and reached the deal where I retained minority interest and a Board role  that furthers my vision of Catapult becoming the preferred Federal mid-tier firm.”

 Randy J. Slager, Founder and CEO, Catapult Technology, Ltd.

“KippsDeSanto was instrumental in advising us as we explored strategic alternatives to accelerate and enhance our growth.  Their knowledge of the Government services market and deep expertise in all the available business options were critical in our decision process every step of the way, and they provided the expertise we needed to achieve our corporate strategic objectives.  The KippsDeSanto team was exceptionally thorough, highly responsive, and they ran an efficient, well-managed process.  As important, the team is a pleasure to work with and we considered them an extension of our corporate family.  They never hesitated to take work off our backs, so we could focus on running the business.  In the end, it was these characteristics that allowed us to make the best informed decision.  I could not have made a better choice for defining the future of the company, than to have KippsDeSanto by our side.”

 – Steven C. Ikirt, Founder and CEO, Information Innovators Inc. (Triple-i)

“When looking for an investment banking partner to guide us through the biggest professional transaction of our careers, we quickly learned that not all investment banks are the same.  KippsDesanto is leaps and bounds above the rest. Their business acumen and ability to engage with the buyer community is simply second to none. Bob Kipps, Marc Marlin and their team of analysts Robert Dowling and Christos Tsentas are a highly trained and experienced team, not only in the analytics but execution of overall process. Their leadership and focus ultimately led to a successful transaction.”

 – Haresh Bhungalia, Co-Founder, 2020 Company LLC

“The expertise and knowledge of the entire KippsDeSanto team was evidenced from our very first meeting.  From day one onward the guidance and advice that was provided to us was invaluable in consummation of a complex transaction. From crafting the company’s story, building the management presentation and fair but firm negotiation the KippsDeSanto team delivered exceptional value and was the overriding reason that the company received a significant sale premium and closed the transaction.  Without their expertise we would not have succeeded.  Our hats are off to the best deal makers in the Defense M&A arena!”

– William C. McMullen, III President and CEO,  Daniel J. Gahr, SVP and CFO, Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc. 


“Selling our company was a learning process and one that could not have been facilitated without the industry knowledge, strategic planning, and sound advice provided by the KippsDeSanto team.  Their keen insights and advice into the drivers of value allowed us to craft a story that touched on several key trends within our industry and drove a competitive process with a desirable buyer universe.  We are very pleased with the outcome and find the decision to work with KippsDeSanto very rewarding.”

 –Richard Steegstra, President and Founder, Ballard Technology, Inc.

“As President of WINS with no experience in preparing my company for sale, we were extremely fortunate to get KippsDesanto to work with us for our recent deal with Mantech.  I was really impressed with how quickly the KippsDesanto team dug in to understand our business and helped us portray it in the best light.  I was equally impressed with how they helped us work through the deal complexities and how they were always available to members of our team who had to continue to work their day job while trying to provide support for this deal.”

 Ulysese Jefferson, President, Worldwide Information Network Systems

“When HPTi went looking for a Investment Banker to represent us, we wanted someone who had the same instincts in entrepreneurship that we did. In Bob Kipps we found the perfect mix of entrepreneur and rock star investment banker. We can not be happier with the service and support from Bob and the KippsDeSanto team. Bob and his team provided specific useful advice on how to best present ourselves in the market. They coached us on improving our presentation. Bob successfully managed the buyers expectations, and with Kevin DeSanto managed our expectations as the sellers. Bob and his due diligence team led by Jon Yim seemlessly managed the process ensuring data was accessible and accurate. Most importantly, we are very happy with the results.”

– Timothy P. Keenan, CEO, and Bill Milligan, CFO, High Performance Technologies, Inc.

“KippsDeSanto & Co. has been a trusted advisor for us since we started Berico in 2006.  We appreciate their investment in the relationship, their objective advice, and a committed partnership in our evolution. The sale of BTS to its management team is an important step for us.  It validates our model of mentoring and investing in entrepreneurial teams while building market-defining technologies, and is a tremendous enabler of our efforts to inspire an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the federal space.  The KippsDeSanto team has a wealth of experience and real-time market perspective that all of the parties to this transaction successfully leveraged.”

– Guy Filippelli, CEO, and Nick Hallam, COO – Co-Founders, Berico Technologies

Adaptive Materials “The KippsDeSanto team did an excellent job of preparing us for the transaction process, including developing a strong strategic story that allowed us to shine with potential acquirers. They provided sound advice and an honest external perspective that was critical to working through the many challenges that arise in the deal process. Having an industry experienced advisor like KippsDeSanto is critical for any company considering their strategic alternatives.”

– Michelle Crumm, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Adaptive Materials, Inc.

CenTauri “We were very impressed with KippsDeSanto’s ability to conceive and execute a strategic plan that led to the successful sale of CenTauri to CSC. The quality of the materials produced combined with their buyer access and the rigor exhibited allowed us to operate on a very aggressive timeframe. They were able to leverage the unique aspects of our business, including a recent large IDIQ victory by our team, to deliver an outstanding result for our shareholders, employees and customers.”

– Mike Yermakov, Co-founder and Managing Partner, CenTauri Solutions, LLC

EchoStorm “After our initial investment in EchoStorm Worldwide in 2007, we set out on an aggressive mission to build a world-class video and data management platform. The culmination of this effort was the sale of EchoStorm to ITT in 2010. The KippsDeSanto team that advised us on this transaction did a great job of taking a steady and strategic approach to executing the deal in the context of our shareholder objectives. Their deep industry knowledge and experience allowed them to see and communicate the right story to the buyer universe.”

– Jerrold L. Miller, President, Earl Industries, LLC

Global Protocols “We have had the opportunity to work across the table from Kevin and Bob many times over the years. Their integrity and detailed approach to running M&A transactions was a critical factor in our hiring KippsDeSanto to sell our portfolio company, Global Protocols. The KippsDeSanto team did an excellent job of running a polished, well-organized process that leveraged their market knowledge and experience. They provided candid advice, especially in regard to the difficult issues, and thought strategically at every step of the process.”

– Reed Macdonald, Principal, The White Oak Group

TechniGraphics “KippsDeSanto’s industry knowledge, process insights and credibility in the marketplace were critical factors in our achieving an outstanding sale transaction for TechniGraphics. We were able to execute on several new initiatives during the process that improved the results due to KippsDeSanto’s forward thinking and strategic guidance. Their advice was worth every penny!”

– Dee Vaidya, President and CEO, TechniGraphics, Inc.

Novii “As first-time ‘sellers’, we did not have the benefit of truly understanding the depth and breadth of the process required to sell our company. The KippsDeSanto team was critical to helping us navigate this process due to their phenomenal effort at every step and their situational awareness. In addition, their knowledge of the market (specifically the Intelligence Community) and the relevant buyers afforded us the opportunity to create a competitive process that led to the right buyer for our company.”

– Rebekah Lewis-Polancich, Co-founder and President, Novii Design LLC

Buccaneer “The KippsDeSanto team was always on their ‘A’ game. Their ability to understand the complexities of our company and get to the bottom of issues led to a process that leveraged the great team and business that we had built during our 10-years in business. They were a true partner – committed and focused on achieving the best result for our stakeholders at every step.”

– Gary Newell, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Buccaneer Computer Systems and Service, Inc.

OAO “Having an advisor that is frank, responsive and adaptable is critical to navigating the complexities of a sale transaction. The KippsDeSanto team worked closely with the management of OAOT and J. F. Lehman & Co., our investor, to run an organized and efficient process during a difficult time in the market. They showed a unique ability to present our opportunity in a thoughtful manner and operated with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.”

– Sidney E. Fuchs, President and Chief Executive Officer, OAO Technology Solutions, Inc.

PerformTech “We were incredibly impressed by the KippsDeSanto team that supported us in our sale to GP Strategies. They showed tremendous attention to detail, patience and focus during the entire process. It is impossible to think that a first-time seller can successfully navigate this process without the experience, talent and problem solving ability of an advisor like KippsDeSanto.”

– Emma Lopo-Sullivan, Co-founder and Executive Vice President, PerformTech, Inc.

Phoenix “The KippsDeSanto team showed their depth of industry knowledge and incredible attention to each detail that ensured credibility throughout the entire process. They have a straightforward, no-nonsense approach that allowed us to focus on the most important aspects of optimizing the value of our business. The team was incredibly dedicated, persistent, insightful and precise. We truly enjoyed working with them as our advisor.”

– John A. Nolan, III, Chief Executive Officer, Phoenix Consulting Group, Inc.

Labat “We were the beneficiaries of working with a KippsDeSanto team that was knowledgeable and capable at every level. They had a deep understanding of our industry, strong relationships with prospective buyers and created the competitive dynamic that led to our successful transaction. The effort and organization of the team allowed them to educate us and, most importantly, strategically predict the next shoe to drop at every turn.”

– Walter Malinowski, President, Labat-Anderson, Inc.

Project Performance “KippsDeSanto was a great partner through a process that had many twists and turns. Their ability to understand our objectives was critical to providing the right guidance and advice that led to a successful outcome for our shareholders. In addition, their experience in cross-border transactions was fundamental to our ability to navigate the complexities presented by this nuance.”

– Michael J. Nigro, Chief Executive Officer, Project Performance Corporation

Kadix “Hiring KippsDeSanto & Co. was a great decision! The team really understood the market landscape and its players, was diligent when examining our strategic positioning, and most importantly listened to and crafted a strategy based upon our objectives. KippsDeSanto exceeded its promises throughout the process, and afforded us the advice needed to achieve a result far beyond our expectations.”

– Doug Layman, President, Kadix Systems, LLC

Gray Research “KippsDeSanto & Co. always had our best interests as the top priority. The senior bankers invested the time to make sure we understood the process, expectations and challenges throughout the sale process. The rigor of the team, both strategically and financially, really paid-off in the quality of the materials prepared and our ability to build confidence and excitement amongst the potential buyers. The result was a very successful transaction within the timeframe set-forth at the start of the process.”

– Ron Gray, President and Co-founder, Gray Research, Inc.

Oberon “KippsDeSanto & Co. was instrumental in helping the shareholders of Oberon achieve premium results. We had been through the sale process several times – never as structured, thoughtful and aggressive as with the leadership of the KippsDeSanto team. We are proud that they were our partner and commend them for their professionalism, detailed industry and transaction knowledge, and transparent approach.”

– Jodi Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, and Dave Young, President, Oberon Associates, Inc.

Foster-Miller “Bob Kipps was an invaluable resource to Foster-Miller providing unbiased advice to our board and shareholders concerning the strengths and weaknesses, implications and overall fit with our unique objectives of various strategic liquidity alternatives. Ultimately, his credibility and negotiation skills were instrumental in us consummating a transaction at terms substantially better than we ever imagined.”

– Bill Ribich, President, Foster-Miller, Inc.

CSC “Bob Kipps and Kevin DeSanto know their business – their clients, the marketplace, the process, how to maintain leverage, when to take risks. They listened to our objectives and ultimately orchestrated a process that was consistent with the interests of the shareholders, management and employees of Datatrac. Their depth of M&A experience and a personal touch were critical to attaining a successful result.”

– Kathi Yeager, President and Chief Executive Officer, Datatrac Information Services, Inc.

bd Systems “Bob Kipps, Kevin DeSanto and Marc Marlin were instrumental in helping bd Systems achieve outstanding results in the sale of our business. They leveraged their track record of successfully advising other companies and executives to highlight the most salient attributes of our company and to drive a highly competitive process.”

– Clarisa Howard, President and CEO, bd Systems, Inc.

Impact Innovations “Bob Kipps & Kevin DeSanto provided valuable hands-on advice, deep industry relationships and unmatched transaction savvy achieving (in less time than we planned) outstanding results for Impact Innovations’ owner, management and employee stakeholders.”

– Ellen D. Glover, President, Impact Innovations Group


Some of the transactions displayed on this page were advised upon by current KippsDeSanto & Co. investment banking professionals under prior employment. The testimonials seen here may not be representative of the experience of other customers. There are no guarantees of future performance or success.